Innovative & Efficient: Snecklaces (a snack necklace)

Who doesn’t love trying different beers and snacks at the zoo for a good cause? The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden rounds up their A Toast to the Wild Event Series each year with the fan favorite, Zoo Brew!

Craft breweries and beer tasting events have been on the rise, and with them new snacking trends have appeared! Many of us have seen or made pretzel necklaces for similar festivals. Similar to the traditional Candy Necklace idea, pretzel necklaces are a portable, functional palate cleanser for beer tastings. For this event, our Chipologists decided to take this necklace idea to the next level.

With a little innovation and creativity, Mikesell’s Snacking Necklaces were born with the Zoo Brew in mind! We wanted to expand the snacking possibilities beyond the sole option of pretzel necklaces and decided to make all Mikesell’s Snacks a functional, portable treat.

All you need is your preferred bag of snacks, a hole punch, ribbon or string, and a positive attitude to make this snacking dream come true! Pictured is one of our Chipologists with a fan favorite, Honey Bar-B-Que Chips!

Many attendees tried our invention while others laughed at the clever idea and provided positive feedback for the creativity.

Our Chipologists were thrilled to have the support and enjoyed meeting the crowd. Our snacks flew off the table and took a smile with them. Next year, we’ll make sure to bring more snacks – and Snacklaces.

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